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Top 20 Best Logistics Tech Companies in Europe - 2021

Known for its elaborate use of manual processes, the logistics industry stands to gain more from the ongoing digital transformation. Logistics firms are using the most effective methods to store and consolidate data through digital platforms that incorporate large databases into their existing frameworks. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the logistics market to new heights, compelling the firms to deliver goods on time while offering accurate tracking solutions.

The use of advanced technology such as AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, and robotics has transformed various industries and the logistics industry sits at the epitome of this technological transformation. Due to the lack of latency in information delivery and data processing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which were developed as a replacement for barcode technology, have become popular due to its vast number of applications. Logistics firms are also using automated drones and trucks which have the potential to increase efficiency in the delivery process. But, the widespread adoption of drones could take a few years due to regulatory processes and increased costs. Alternatively, the use of IoT in tracking systems coupled with improved accuracy provided by enhanced GPS enables customers to track truck and freight location in a more streamlined manner.

To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their business initiatives, Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a handful of the leading logistics tech companies that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’s “20 Best Logistics Tech Companies in Europe - 2021.”

    Top Best Logistics Tech Companies in Europe

  • shipcloud enables customers to choose the best carrier for each shipment or increase revenues dramatically by letting their customers choose the preferred carrier- like offering multi-payment methods


  • 6 River Systems

    6 River Systems

    6 River Systems (6RS) is an industry-leading solutions provider working to make fulfillment faster with innovative products that generate immediate and lasting value for their customers. They strive to make warehouses faster with flexible, human-first, and innovative products that deliver immediate value. Fulfillment can happen anywhere, and 6 River Systems is building the technology powering the future of the industry. Their solutions are developed with a wall-to-wall mindset - making the entire fulfillment workflow more streamlined from start to finish. The 6 River Systems team is over 200 employees strong and growing.



    Actiw provides automated loading equipment, intelligent turnkey solutions, and 24/7 services to improve the safety and productivity of your industrial loading. They have solved, optimized, and automated outbound material flow for over 30 years. Actiw’s loading equipment brings a new level of speed, efficiency, and safety to your automated loading processes. Its mission is to solve, optimize and automate outbound logistics to improve the safety and productivity of industrial loading. They help our customers to become frontrunners in the automation of outbound logistics Actiw provides automated loading equipment, intelligent turnkey solutions, and 24/7 services to improve the safety and productivity of your industrial loading. They have solved, optimized, and automated outbound material flow for over 30 years. Actiw’s loading equipment brings a new level of speed, efficiency, and safety to your automated loading processes. Its mission is to solve, optimize and automate outbound logistics to improve the safety and productivity of industrial loading. They help our customers to become frontrunners in the automation of outbound logistics

  • AX System

    AX System

    The AX System is an innovative occupational safety system that monitors traffic with cameras at high-traffic, hazardous intersections. It uses artificial intelligence to predict the risk of an accident and gives a clear, warning signal. Its signals allow continuous truck traffic, thus speeding up the internal material movement. As it operates, it continuously collects traffic and other data to further optimize internal processes. The data collected by the system can be used as an objective measure to analyze traffic habits and vehicle behavior. It becomes possible to optimize the given node, filter out anomalies, and detect dangerous traffic attitudes

  • BlueBox Systems

    BlueBox Systems

    With their new tracking tool, they make it possible to monitor airfreight in real time. What was previously a black box now becomes transparent. The individual stations of air freight on its way to its destination can be tracked in real time.The shipper knows where the shipment is located and can provide information about the time of delivery at any time. The recipient can thus take care of further scheduling in advance. Because predictability makes reliable

  • Consite


    DS-C4RGO offers a substantial elimination of the process complexities for the acquisition and transmission of data and the increase in operational flexibility with an evident and immediate reduction in costs. The C4RGO systems produced by CONSITECH are effective multifunction systems. The processing power allows the management of several 3D vision machines as well as a diversified range of sensors that, without contact and without movement, are able to transmit useful data to the sophisticated metrology software

  • CORE


    CORE provides supply chain management, customs classification and sustainability solutions and services to global Retailers, with a vision to realise the benefits of a digitised supply chain. With transparency and a single view of key data, they partner with businesses worldwide, including Primark, M&S and ASDA, to help them work smarter at their core to build and run agile, transparent and sustainable supply chains. As a result, their customers benefit from being able to make more informed business decisions with the real-time, invaluable key data they have to hand. Data that can deliver competitive advantage, stronger relationships, empower employees, mitigate risk, present growth opportunities, realise efficiencies and save costs

  • Forto


    They develop groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technologies and services that go far beyond the transport from A to B. Their easy-to-use and intuitive platform enables customers to optimize and manage their entire global supply chain. Forto platform technologies address the entire process stream, from offer, booking, document administration, tracking and tracing to pro-active exemption processing and analysis, supporting our customers with greater visibility, insight, and control. Leading manufacturers and e-commerce brands are among the 2.500 customers using Forto’s digitally-focused offerings as part of their supply chain delivery

  • Goodloading


    Goodloading is a software application whose goal is to make the work of those who are involved in loading planning more efficient. The program's operation is straightforward; all that is required is that they enter the information about the load, and the application will recommend the most appropriate vehicle. Not only can the programme be used for road transportation, but it can also be used for other modes of transportation such as sea, air, and rail, as well as for palletizing and packing smaller objects into cartons

  • Logistics.cloud


    The Logistics Cloud (powered by Lobster) is a neutral logistics platform open to shippers, forwarders, carriers, customs and third parties with low entry barriers. Through innovative data exchange, they offer unique opportunities for connecting existing and new systems or solutions, to reate end-to-end transparency, and optimize the control and automation of logistics processes for all participants. The company's vision is to seamlessly connect the numerous fragmented IT and data solutions in the logistics industry

  • MPO


    MPO is the only unified global SaaS platform for Supply Chain Orchestration of orders, inventory, and transport across multiple parties in dynamic business networks to boost both customer experience and operational excellence. MPO integrates planning and execution, resulting in supply chains that create competitive advantage. They incorporates precision costing across partners and activities to ensure optimal operations and profit. The flexibility and depth of the platform enable their customers to continuously expand their value



    Supply-chain industry has multiple actors having varying technical capacities. Yet most of them don’t have stable technical capacity to develop and maintain their communication and data in efficient way. Due to a lack of skilled IT experts, outdated technology, and inefficient business models the overall sector is struggling with complicated and costly logistics procedures. Creation of a simple and efficient communication and data hub built on trusted platform that everyone can use regardless of their technical capacity and knowledge will solve complications and bring significant cost benefits to the sector

  • People Technology

    People Technology

    PEOPLE's Technology team focuses on Lightweight Technology, Real-time Monitoring and Advanced Operations Analytics. They produce creative solutions across the fields of Built Environment and Technology. Making use of the latest technology, they create the most innovative projects and products, pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be possible. The solutions can be personalized and integrated to any operations

  • Pick8ship


    The vision of Pick8ship's is a good disruption of e-commerce fulfillment and last mile delivery. The new multi-use logistics system enables quantum leaps in productivity, flexibility and sustainability through end-to-end optimization from fulfillment to last mile delivery. The vision is to revolutionize e-commerce logistics with the first shelf-less robotic fulfillment and delivery system ever. With their fast multi-purpose robots, their smart Containers (called PODs) for high-density storage and handling, and their integrated Pick8ship Cloud OS operating system, they probably created the most efficient and sustainable logistics system in the world

  • Seven Senders

    Seven Senders

    The leading delivery platform for parcel shipping in Europe.With the Seven Senders delivery platform, customers get end-to-end shipping from the warehouse to customers in their target markets Europe-wide. Seven Senders connects customers to more than 100 last mile carriers. And with 7SGreen CO2-neutral shipping they serve the growing environmental awareness of their customers. Secure your international competitive advantage with a customized bundle solution.

  • Soloplan


    They develop software solutions for you for the entire world of logistics. Optimizes customers' processes with their CarLo forwarding software. Gain decisive competitive advantages and reduce your costs. The know-how of their employees, combined with a spirit of innovation and goal-orientation. More than 25 years of experience in the logistics and IT sector and the integration of best practices from more than 1,200 customers and over 25,000 users worldwide make their logistics software a profitable business solution for the customers

  • Tiramizoo


    Tiramizoo is at the forefront is at the forefront of new world of logistics. Cost- & energy-efficient. Low-emission. Optimizing resources and invent future-proof technologies and products. Their solutions caters to the optimization of both last mile delivery and people logistics and their customer base comprises of international wholesalers & retailers, ERP-, TMS- and Telematics-providers and public transportation companies. They invent future-proof technologies and products. Serving our customers with best-in-class solutions worldwide



    UWINLOC deploys its unique indoor solution on multiple sites and successfully helps industrial companies to digitalize their process flow and gain increases and savings in productivity. UWINLOC is the first, worldwide company enabling accurate location of asset based on passive tags, battery-less, using Ultra Wide Bande (UWB). Tags placed onto the objects (Tools, spare parts, Working Orders) harvest energy from the surrounding radio signals in order to emit an Ultra Wide Band pulse

  • Verity


    Developed by the world’s leading experts in robotics and machine learning, the Verity system automates inventory management processes in large warehouses and distribution centers. Verity’s fully integrated inventory management system puts self-flying drones to work inside the warehouse to make the zero-error warehouse a reality for big-box retailers, 3PLs, and industrial manufacturers around the globe

  • XY Locate

    XY Locate

    XY drives positive changes in the processes, transforming complexity into simplicity by optimising and automating to create predictable outcomes at the lowest possible cost. The XY platform is more than just a track and trace product, it’s an end to end visibility solution, allowing customers' to track, manage and monitor any asset in any environment in real time. XY doesn’t focus on the last mile, they cover the whole journey. They reduce omplexity, creates predictability and value in a seemless, smart efficient way