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Tom van Dam, MSc, COO, DeliveryMatchTom van Dam, MSc, COO,DeliveryMatch
More and more consumers are convinced that it is important to have the ability of reliable delivery options including visibility during the delivery execution. It does not need to be complicated and expensive to fulfil this consumers’ needs. With the software of DeliveryMatch you can turn this challenge into an opportunity!

What is DeliveryMatch?

DeliveryMatch is an unique SaaS IT solution born out of own experiences. Our vision is to support our customers so they can meet the increased Logistic service demands of consumers. Our main office is located in The Netherlands and the company is operating worldwide, from Canada to France. Our team includes both Logistics as IT knowledge, together we strive for optimal Logistical processes.

Our concept

By real-time gathering of all logistic information (e.g. stock levels, stock locations, article masterdata, capacities, warehouse & carrier possibilities) of the complete supply chain during the checkout process, DeliveryMatch enables you as a (online, multichannel, multichannel)retailer, manufacturer, fulfillment party, logistics service provider or carrier to have real-time supply chain control. By steering this process based on real-time data it enables you to transform your chain from push towards pull, because the ‘last mile’ starts at the ‘first click’. Of course we can also, besides in the checkout, provide this functionality after an order is purchased and before the order will be processed.
For executing this complexity, DeliveryMatch is connected with 100+ carriers worldwide and about 70 different webshops systems (frond-end or back-end), marketplaces, ERP-, WMS- and planning-systems. Moreover, they offer you a sophisticated user interface to easily manage your orders, shipments and supply chain capabilities.

Save costs by improving your logistic service

By overseeing all logistics capabilities, on one hand you can offer a higher customer satisfaction which results in conversion and retention, but on the other hand it save you logistics cost since DeliveryMatch:

1) Calculates which warehouse(s) needs to send the order

2) Selects te best possible carrier(s), based on cost, products, capabilities and/or lead-times

3) Your process becomes reliable, which increases the customers home hit rate and also results in less returns and customer complaints

4) Chain transparency results in less customer service communication

5) Can force the customer to do not use your chain in warehouse and transport peak times, by using price differentiation

6) Can consolidate shipments to 1 delivery drop, which reduces CO2 output

7) Avoid operational peaks in warehouses and sorting hubs during evening and night

8) Fully automize your shipping process

Interested to work with DeliveryMatch?

DeliveryMatch is accessible for every type of company which is facing above challenges, from small to large retailers to Logistic Service Providers and manufacturers and for B2C, B2C, Dropshipping or combinations. DeliveryMatch distinguishes through short completions times and a low cost entry model. Are you interested, do you want more information, or come in contact with one of the DeliveryMatch experts? Take a look at www.deliverymatch.eu
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